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Project - Pool Recommendation Website

Project Description
The project aims to replace the current clichéd vacuum cleaner salesman advertising of pool owners on social media with a fair system and most the advertisings of the important and ambitious projects. In doing so, we deliberately recommend small pools in understaffed locations with meaningful projects that users can comment on, like and follow them. We aim to promote these pools that produce real value for Cardano.

- Clean presentation and comparison of the different pools
- Delegations to pool via website through SmartContracts (as soon as possible)
- Algorithms that crown the "Pool of the Epoch" and ensure fair competition
- Project pages presenting the individual pool projects of the SPOs with links to Cardano Catalyst
- Advertising for pools
- Excerpt of purchased ADA and Rewards for the tax return
- Comment function and like function for projects

These are the current points, we are in direct exchange with another pool owner from Switzerland and the company Huanga GmbH.

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